Wearing a New Dress In Portugal

5 Days in New York

Before coming to Portland, I spent 5 days in New York and 4 days in California. New Yorks was absolutely amazing. I really love A LOT about that city. I visited one of my best friends in Brooklyn Heights, which is a really, really nice place to live! My little sister Chili was with us in New York and she’s really into filming which i think is cool, because so is me and her mom. So we took some shots around the city just for fun, and I promised her to put the clips together in a little movie. . . And here it is! Remember to watch it in HD.

In New York we ate a lot of good food. Here’s the restaurants/cafés i would recommend:

–  Mexican food at Tacombi Nolita in SoHo –
– Vietnamese food at BoCáphé in SoHo –
– BBQ at Fette Sau in Williamsburg –
– Mammon’s Falafel in Greenwich –
– Also Mexican at La Esqiuina in SoHo –

… And a cheeseburger on Shake Shack!

 Luv C.


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Wearing a New Dress In Portugal