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Portland Update #2

Dazzle Up


Missguided Choker   –   H&M Earrings   –   H&M Necklace

No doubt that I’ve always been a sucker for whatever glitters and sparkles. Maybe it’s connected to the fact that I used to compete in all these dance tournaments where girls would have rhinestones all over their outfits and very glittery make-up. I have a bunch of cheap jewelry like the stuff above, and it will remain the cheap stuff I buy, because I always loose it. Of course someday I would love to have a really flashy piece, but for now I’m good with all these cool pieces you can get on H&M, Asos.com, even in Wall Mart and so on!

I have a feeling that it has become cooler lately to wear these big shiny pieces and I love it! To be honest I thought a choker was the ugliest thing for a long time, but I think I might have changed my mind lately. I don’t know if I’m ready to wear one myself yet, but I honestly want a simple one with rhinestones…

Luv C.


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Portland Update #2