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Damn … Has it really already been a month? I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and a happy new years eve. After being in Las Vegas for a couple of days with my teammates, I spent christmas in Seattle with my roommate and her amazing family. After a few days in the wonderful city of Seattle, we went to Arizona, North Dakota and Colorado to play in our next game. I haven’t been very active on any social media platforms lately because my phone has been such a mess .. but here I am, back on track with new equipment: an Iphone 7 Plus. I know the color is called ‘rose gold’, but come on, it’s pink .. and I love that. I also love the size of it, even though I thought I never would. A lot of my american friends have the same size, so that’s honestly why I got so hooked on getting a ‘Plus’, not to forget the amazing camera! This will hopefully lead to more updates on my blog, Snapchat and Instagram.

I have also finally decided to buy a notebook from Moleskin without lines! My grandfather is an architect and in general a very organized man. He has always carried this little black book with him everywhere. He writes all kinds of things down whenever they cross his mind, I really like the idea of doing that. I’ve never kept a diary, because I haven’t always been very comfortable with expressing my feelings, but I feel like this type of notebook is perfect for me right now. It’s perfect because I’m in a place in my life where a lot of stuff is always going through my head; I’m constantly figuring out new things about life, love, ambitions and myself. Constantly trying to figure what I want in life. I feel like this notebook would be something that I would appreciate later on in life, if I started to write down some of the stuff going on my mind. My head is so full of all these crazy ideas, that I tend to forget, like the way that you forget your dreams. For example the ideas I get for what could be exciting blog posts.

I have a really good feeling about what is yet to come this year, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Luv C.


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The Perfect Gift For Everyone At Any Occasion