Cash Me In Malaysia


Basketball season here at PSU is officially over, and freshman season is in the books! Now we got dead weak with a shit load of homework but no practice. Next week is spring break and that means a lot of people are traveling. A couple of my best friends are going to Mexico, but I decided to bring one of my very best friend to Malaysia!! She has never been out of the States, so I couldn’t be more excited to show her Kuala Lumpur. We’re leaving this Tuesday and will back again the 1st of April! I’m so excited to show her one of my very favorite places in the world. We’re also going to a little island called Pangkor Laut to just relax on the beach! Tuesday can’t be here quickly enough, and that 14 hour flight trip just need to be overwith already! I really need a break from everything and this is just perfect! Hopefully I will post a bunch of pictures on my instagram!

Luv C.


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