5 Things I've Learned Recently From Living 'Alone' In America



Hoodie from Champion

– I’ve been listening a lot to Jaquees x Dej Loaf’s new album ‘Fuck a Friendzone’, it’s amazing…
– Watched the tv show called ‘Star’, and started on the tv show called ‘Riverdale’, both really recommendable.
– Using my new brow paste from Anastasia Hollywood, that stuff is actually bomb.
– Been wanting to dye my hair lighter, do you guys think I should do it or not?
– Read a danish book by Hella Joof: ‘Papmache-reglen’ and absolutely loved it.
– Bought tickets for the Kehlani concert in Portland, and better is that Ella Mai is warming up for her!!
– Got a pink, sparkly dress that I’ll probably never wear, but it’s just so cool.
– Craving sun, tan lines and beach waves – Springbreak come through!
– Been looking a lot forward to our big tournament in Reno, Nevada, next week.
– Done some pretty cool drawings in my new drawing class. This is the first time I’m taking a drawing class and I low key really like it.
– Updated my Twitter account, I actually really want to be active on it, but it’s just so new to me, so sometimes I feel like it’s a little awkward to post. Go follow me: @carolinewich !
– Annoyed by the fact that I’m so bad at updating my blog, because there’s so much I want to share with you.

Luv C.


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5 Things I've Learned Recently From Living 'Alone' In America