Sippin' Lemonade In My New Red Leather Skirt

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First of all I need to give my favorite photographer a little shoutout! My dearest friend Kiana, who I spent spring break with, did such an amazing job taking photos for my IG and blog. I’m really perfectionistic with how I want my photos Trust me, my sister, mom, ex boyfriend and so on could really get on my head because I got so annoyed with how they don’t put as much effort into it as me – haha. But looking back at pictures from this trip, I have nothing but great photos!

Coming here to Portland, I honestly didn’t bring any swimsuits but like one or two, so going to Malaysia I had to get some new ones. I have this thing where, unlike a lot of my friends, I just can’t mix and match. Like my bikini bottoms has to be the same color as my to. I actually only bought swimsuits in Forever 21, but they  had A LOT of cool ones, so I just wanted to buy them all. Another thing is, that I always want my bottoms to be kinda high waisted, and they legit have the best one like that!

Luv C.

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Sippin' Lemonade In My New Red Leather Skirt